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Lean muscle mass refers to the weight of your muscles without fat or water weight. Having more lean muscle is beneficial for strength, metabolism, and overall health. When you strength train and eat enough protein, your body builds new muscle tissue. This helps increase your lean body mass - meaning more weight comes from metabolically active muscle instead of fat. Here are some key benefits of building lean muscle:

Now you might wonder - how much lean muscle can I gain naturally? That depends on your genetics, age, gender, training status, and diet. But with focused strength training and enough protein (at least 0.5-1 gram per pound of body weight daily), most adults can gain 1-2 pounds of lean muscle per month at most. Patience and consistency are key. Follow a progressive overload program, eat in a slight calorie surplus, and make sure you recover properly between workouts. Consider having your hormone levels tested as well. Many adults deal with undiagnosed low testosterone which hampers muscle building. The physicians at Revive Hormone Institute offer complete hormone panels starting at just $99 to assess your health, then provide science-based treatment plans if your levels are suboptimal for your goals. Reach optimal lean muscle gains safely and legally with their help.

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