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Irritability is defined as an excessive sensitivity or impatience to annoyances or frustrations. It refers to a propensity to easily lose one's temper, exhibit anger, or overreact to situations. Some key signs of irritability include:

Irritability differs from normal frustration or anger by being more frequent, intense, and disruptive. If someone finds themselves constantly irritable, it can negatively impact relationships, work performance, and overall well-being.

What Causes Irritability?

Irritability can have many potential causes, including:

For some people, irritability is just part of their basic personality and temperament. But if it occurs suddenly or severely, it often indicates an underlying physical, mental or emotional issue that should be addressed.

Managing Irritability

If you struggle with frequent or intense feelings of irritability, there are steps you can take to help regulate your moods and behaviors:

Making positive lifestyle changes and getting to the root of what’s causing your irritability can help prevent episodes of anger and frustration. Treatment from a doctor or mental health professional may also be warranted in some cases.

Looking for help balancing your hormones and moods? The caring professionals at Revive Hormone Institute Therapy Clinic offer customized treatment plans to help clients struggling with irritability and anger issues due to hormonal imbalances. Their holistic, natural hormone therapies can get to the root physiological cause of temper and frustration problems when hormones like estrogen, testosterone or cortisol are out of balance. Contact them today for a consultation!

With some diligent self-care and expert treatment if required, most people can get their irritability under control. Learning to respond calmly rather than overreacting with anger is a skill that improves relationships, productivity and overall wellness. Pay attention to what triggers your temper, communicate openly with others, and seek help early on from your doctor or a specialist clinic like Revive Hormone Institute. You can tackle irritability - without losing your cool!

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